Care about your health? Maybe my chickens can help you out. 

 For most of the population, eggs are just another staple item on the grocery list. After owning chickens for a year, I’ve learned they are so much more. 

Let’s talk about those grocery eggs for a second. Did you know? Most grocery store eggs are around a month old. Uhhhh… yuck. A lot of the labels are misleading and not always true. “Cage free” doesn’t mean they are happy hens running in grass meadows- they are usually confined to a poultry house floor, never seeing a blade of grass in their lifetime. Be wary of the labeling. Do your research. 

Egg color and size doesn’t determine the quality. This was a silly misconception I had prior to owning my own chickens. I always thought the brown eggs were the “farm fresh” ones. Truth is, I was very wrong. Egg color and size is determined by the breed of chicken. Many small flock owners pride themselves with an assortment of colors and sizes- ranging from white to deep chocolate brown (even blue, pink, and green!). With over 15 breeds of chickens, I love my variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Commercial chicken farms (for grocery eggs) typically purchase one breed, giving you uniform white or brown eggs. 

The health benefits between commercial eggs and farm eggs are significant. I’m no scientist, but you can google the difference in the two. Any person that’s concerned about healthy eating should look into finding truly farm fresh eggs. 

Buying farm fresh isn’t hard. If you are a local friend of mine (Kalyn Burns), I look forward to selling a higher volume soon. I sell a dozen or so here & there for now.  If a non-local friend has shared this blog with you, I bet they can lead you in the right direction for farm fresh eggs. It’s a great feeling knowing you are getting a quality product from happy and healthy hens! 


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