My Flock

Our flock consists of 9 laying hens and 2 new chicks (hopefully pullets).

Original 6 hens:

Roxie: A Plymouth Barred Rock & my favorite.

Honey: A Production Red; my shy girl.

Raven: A Black Australorp, my loud mouth.

Cocoa: A Brown Leghorn, and the only one that won’t let me hold her.

Dotsie: A huge Dixie Rainbow; she’s my blonde.

CeCe- Another huge Dixie Rainbow, but she’s reddish.
New Flock (all born in January): 

Ziva- a black sex link that was suppose to be a Barred Rock (oops lol)

Mabel- an Easter Egger with adorably fluffy cheeks

Lacey- a silver Laced Wyandotte that is a little skittish

Sweet Pea- also an Easter Egger, but she has some beautiful lavender feathers mixed in

Ducky- an Amber Link that seems very docile and loving

Buffy- a buff Orpington that’s super friendly and quickly becoming one of my favorites

Pork Chop- a Jersey Giant that’s the slowest to get her feathers- she actually looked naked for a while bc she was losing her fluff before her feathers came in

Georgia- she came out of a mixed puller bin, and I’m thinking she’s a Rhode Island Red- sweet and friendly