The Best Chicken Breeds for Kids

I want to start by saying: CHICKS ARE NOT FOR EASTER BASKETS. Unless you plan on taking care ofthem for the next ten years, please don’t do this.

Chickens make great pets. It’s hard to understand if you haven’t been around “pet” chickens. Since I’m still relatively new to chicken keeping, I’ll only be speaking about the breeds that I own personally. All of my chickens have wonderful qualities… and a few have some  not-so-great qualities.

All of our grown hens are friendly because we were very hands-on when raising them. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t been around them, held them, or petted them all. Food is a great way to earn their friendship as well. All 9 will take food from my hand. Six of them will even jump for treats!

Here’s my flock:

Barred Rock- Roxie: My sweetheart and my favorite hen. She is a medium-sized chicken that doesn’t mind being handled. She will jump on my lap and beg for treats. I love that she will sprint across the yard when she sees me coming. She is a good layer of light brown eggs- probably 6 per week. Roxie is a great car rider- see her pics on Instagram #roxiethetravelingchicken

My Silkies- Smokey, Bandit, and BoBo:  I really only wanted Smokey, but they came as a straight run (non-sexed) trio. All 3 turned out to be hens. They are little cuties, only weighing about 2 pounds each. All 3 give me tiny off-white eggs almost daily. Great for kids because they are fluffy, little, and like to cuddle. They can’t fly, so they don’t try to flap and get away. My silkies are suuuuuper quick and hard to catch when they are free ranging, but calm and docile when being held. They are pretty stinkin’ cute too.

Production Red- Honey: This girl is pretty and sweet, but isn’t too fond of being held. She lays HUGE light brown eggs every day. From what I understand, these characteristics are true about most “red” breeds.

Brown Leghorn- Coco: She is nearly as small as my silkies, but I believe most are bigger than mine. She is my little road runner. She is really pretty, but is skittish around humans. She will still eat from my hand, but that’s about it. I caught her recently to treat her for a minor injury and she was really calm and sweet while I played vet. She’s my only white egg layer and produces daily.

Black Australorp- Raven: My loud mouth. She is gorgeous- her black feathers have a beautiful green sheen when the sun hits just right. She will allow me to pet her, and pick her up briefly, but she isn’t a huge fan of cuddles. She lays a medium colored brown egg.

Dixie Rainbows- Dotsie & CeCe: Also known as Pioneers. These girls are huge. The breed is a “mutt” breed, so each one looks a little different. One of mine is mainly yellow and the other is a red color- both have unique patterns on their feathers. They enjoy some petting, but are hard to hold because of their size. They are good layers and give me light brown eggs nearly every day.

The rest of the breeds I have are young and their personalities have yet to be determined. All of my older gals were pretty “snobby” right before they started laying. They immediately got more docile after that first egg. I guess they were just adjusting to adult hormones and acting like typical teens. Hahaha