Clucky In Kentucky

Growing up in the city (even in Kentucky) is tough when you were born to be a country girl. I remember begging for chickens at a young age, but my mother (and city laws) kept that from becoming a reality. I swore I would grow up and move to a farm so I could  have my chickens.
Fast forward a couple of decades…

I run into an old friend, a crop farmer, and we were married two years later. As a bonus, Ben became an instant step-dad to my daughter, Julia (now 12). I was blessed with a step-dog, Curby, who is 10 years old now. We adopted a stray cat during a flood, who we found out was already pregnant. She had 4 babies that we couldn’t part with.

With 6 indoor pets, our home already felt like a zoo. Why not add a couple of outdoor pets?  Last April, we figured 3 or 4 chickens should suffice. We brought home a tiny box of 6 chicks (because of the chick minimum), a ton of supplies, and a book on chicken keeping. I was clueless, but my lifelong dream of chicken ownership was finally coming true!

I thought they’d just be pretty little things that weren’t very smart and didn’t connect with humans. I was wrong. I was SO wrong. Those little fluff butts melted my heart. Who knew that CHICKENS could have such unique personalities?!

Every week seemed to be a learning experience. I researched coop designs, predator proofing, safe treats to feed, and what to do if an illness arises. I found websites, smart phone apps, and social media groups to feed my addiction. Everything was so fascinating!

As my chicks grew, I started to research their individual breeds. This is when my hobby became more of an obsession. I wanted to know everything about every breed- color patterns, egg colors, friendliness, size-  breeds that would best suit us. The more I learned, the more breeds I added to my wishlist. We accumulated 3 silkies in September, and now we have 2 more chicks in the brooder, bringing our total to 11.

Educating new chicken keepers, as well as non-owners is my goal for this blog. Insanely varied topics will be covered: breeds (and their unique characteristics), illnesses/treatments, predators, egg recipes, funny stories about my own flock, and anything else that comes up in my sporadic brain. I’m excited to use this blog to talk about all things CHICKENS!

Disclaimer: I am no expert, and I’m not afraid to say that I have made some mistakes with my chickens. Chicken keeping is a lot of trial and error, so if you’re still learning (like me) don’t be too hard on yourself!